Fuseroom Records

Fuseroom RecordsFuseroom Records is our record label based in Berlin, Germany. It features independent music from artists and bands all over the world and it was created for a simple reason: we love each and every kind of music, as long as:

• it's about music that has a story to tell 
• it's from artists whose interests we preserve
• it's for a real audience who is open to listening

What We Do


ProductionWe sit together and listen to your songs, decide which are going to be in the album and fine tune everything: from the arrangement to the track listing, from the album name to the tracklist. We then record, mix and master the songs, taking the time to shape your sound by using the facilities, instruments and gear available at our world-class studio.


DistributionWe print physical copies of your album and make your work available online for digital download or shipping, through the best channels available. We visit real record stores and leave them real copies of your album as we work with a number of trusted record store owners in Berlin visited by hundreds of people every day.

Live Playing

Booking Agency We connect you with live venues and clubs in Berlin to play your music and let your story be told: live the experience of touring and playing around in the most exciting and eclectic city for today's music scene.

Delivery Formats

Compact Disc

Opening a jewel case and reading the booklet while listening to the music is proven quality time and retains a certain sense of satisfaction. CDs are today's standard in music delivery and we provide only the best glass master printing for the music we work on. When mastering from digital mediums we use the best DA-AD round trips to our analog outboard and avoid any unnecessary sample rate and bit resolution conversions to ensure your music retains the best possible quality from beginning to end.

Digital Download
Digital Download

The fastest, most convenient and easy way to reach your audience. Today's streaming and digital delivery formats can make your music reach the ears (and heart) of millions of people, world-wide. This does not mean digital formats are "easy": we always make sure your music sounds exactly the way you want it even through any kind of encoding and compression. We optimise our masters and have certified "Mastered for iTunes" acknowledgements on Apple Standards.


Vinyl is back and no one can stop it. It's the king of analog listening and retains a musicality that is hard to beat. Our unique "masters for vinyl" use only the best in analog gear to make sure your music sounds exactly the way vinyl wants, with special attention to overall loudness and bass response. We only use the best printing facilities in Berlin and also deliver custom graphics for disc and folder.


You heard it right: we can release your work on audio cassette, with custom graphics and sleeve. Let's face it: audio cassettes were awesome and we have a thing for analog tape in general. We print each tape with professional calibrated decks and use only the best tape. When doing so, we also print a separate master that is specifically optimised for this final medium.

CREDITS: Store picture by Faux-Toe, cassette picture by Wacha, vinyl picture by Marazmuser, compact disc artwork by Sven Fauth, iPod picture by Design Bolts

Ask the Label

Start off with the right foot and let us know about your music and you. Feel free to use the form below to send us your bio, links to your music, press kit etc. We'll get back at you as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of a label project.

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