"The secret is.. there's no secret." β€” Many music producers, musicians and engineers are still dissatisfied with their work. Whether they compose, arrange, record, mix or master music, they still feel there is something lacking from making the leap into releasing a professional product. When they listen to commercially-released music, they can clearly hear qualities that they cannot replicate when working on their own music.

It's a weird feeling β€” because today there are thousands of ways to learn, most of which are at your fingertips and inexpensive. Tutorials, contests, tips'n'tricks, articles are everywhere on the internet and can be watched freely, all day long.

Then why are you still not getting the results you wanted? β€” The answer is simple: in music production there is no magic trick that will work as a shortcut to give you immediate success. Developing a solid skill set and a reliable workflow requires creating a strong practice routine, in which you and your instructor work, side-by-side, on what is needed to get you to become proficient and professional.

This is why I've created my online master classes β€” live, individual and customized for you, not based on magic but on developing a solid method that will prepare you for the profession that is ahead of you.

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These are just some of the podcasts on topics of music production, available to Patreons. More are released on a weekly basis.

🎀 Dealing with Artists, Episode 2
🎀 Analog Gear for Tracking
🎀 Audio Connections
🎀 Studio Setups
🎀 What is Stem Mastering?
🎀 ADDA Converters, are they worth?
🎀 Mixing and Playing an instrument: Similarities
🎀 The Future of Nebula (according to me)
🎀 Commercial Mixes and Low End
🎀 Analog Summing
🎀 Tools vs Purpose, in Music Production
🎀 Revisions and How to Handle Them
🎀 Dealing with Poor Material from Clients
🎀 Alberto's Composing/Songwriting Feng Shui
🎀 Alberto's Azure2 "Magic" Preset explained
🎀 Metering and gain-staging
🎀 Tape Plug-ins in a Template
🎀 NEVE Preamps Considerations
🎀 Analog Leaves a Mark
🎀 Attack and Release on Compressors
🎀 How I mastered jazz with White3
🎀 Dealing with Artists, Episode 1
🎀 SSL Buss Compressor Comparison
🎀 Maag EQ4: A Story
🎀 Not Developing Ideas in Songwriting
🎀 Making Music You Like: Good or Bad?
🎀 References: Are They Toxic?
🎀 Aliasing in Digital Audio
🎀 Acustica Audio Coffee Compressor Jumpstart
🎀 Studio Calibration and What It Means
🎀 Rock Bass Buss Secrets


High-quality comparisons involving analog hardware and plug-ins, with WAV files that you can download and use in your DAW for critical listening and further shootouts. New shootouts are released on a regular basis!

πŸ“‚ Acustica Audio SNOW Preamp Comparison
πŸ“‚ Lynx Aurora vs Apogee AD8000SE
πŸ“‚ AnalogInTheBox Snap Compressor Comparison
πŸ“‚ API 25000 Hardware vs Plug-ins
πŸ“‚ CDSM 1048 Nebula vs VST versions
πŸ“‚ CDSM Cooltec vs Acustica Audio Purple3
πŸ“‚ Digital Build-up Comparisons
πŸ“‚ Federal Compressor Shootout
πŸ“‚ FET Compressors Shootout
πŸ“‚ FiDef JENTwo Comparisons
πŸ“‚ AITB Mammoth EQ vs Acustica Audio Magenta
πŸ“‚ LA-2A Plug-in Shootout
πŸ“‚ LA-3A Plug-in vs Hardware Shootout
πŸ“‚ Acustica Audio Mint Comparisons
πŸ“‚ API 550A Hardware vs Plug-ins Shootout
πŸ“‚ Nebula Tape Plug-ins Shootout
πŸ“‚ Rupert Neve Designs RMB Hardware vs Plug-ins
πŸ“‚ AMS Neve 1084 Plug-in Shootout
πŸ“‚ AMS Neve Preamp Plug-ins Shootout
πŸ“‚ Pultec EQ Plug-ins Shootout
πŸ“‚ Altec RS124 Compressor Plug-ins Shootout
πŸ“‚ Rupert Neve Design 5057 Orbit Comparison
πŸ“‚ AMS Neve 1073 Plug-in Comparisons
πŸ“‚ SSL Buss Compressor Plug-ins Shootout
πŸ“‚ SSL Buss Compressor Hardware vs Plug-ins
πŸ“‚ STA Level Compressor Plug-ins Shootout
πŸ“‚ Telefunken/Siemens V72-V76 Plug-ins Shootout
πŸ“‚ Vari Mu Compressor Plug-ins Shootout

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