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Control Room

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Gardens River View Building

Located in Oberschöneweide within the Berlin district of Treptow-Köpenick, Fuseroom Studio is part of the famous Rathenau Hallen. The studio is positioned at the first floor of the building closest to the river Spree: this gives us the privilege to enjoy an unobstructed, stunning and relaxing view of the river itself and the nearby garden areas, with passing boats and an open view to catch the most of a sunny day or a stunning Berlin sunset.

The building is listed under monument protection and the whole complex is considered the largest industrial monument in Europe. It's here that the first parts of power plants were manufactured during the electrification era. After the GDR, the industrial sector collapsed and the premises were later on converted to a Center for Culture and Technology, now hosting a variety of artist ateliers, workshops and studios.

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