Berlin Rec Meetup

Flyer Following up on the great success of the Mix Meetup, we keep up with the good work: on Saturday, March 25th 2017 at Fuseroom Recording Studio we will host the "Berlin Rec Meetup". The event will feature a full recording session of a local Berlin band with live mixing. The objective of the day will be to finish the recording AND the live mixing (yes, both) of one song from the band. It will be an amazing chance for everyone to dig into recording, microphones, preamplifiers, mic positioning and recording techniques, analog outboard, mixing sounds, technical hybrid analog and digital interactions, possible unexpected problems and workflow in a professional recording studio environment.

March 25th, 2017

The Berlin Rec Meetup is open to everyone related to music and audio: musicians, sound engineers for music or post, songwriters, producers, video editors, movie directors etc. Anyone can join and take part to the event.

Once again, what makes this event unique? The Rec Meetup will allow anyone to take an active role in the recording and mixing process.

RunningBe the recording engineer, ask questions, place your microphones, explain your decisions, compare them with the choices of your friends and colleagues. Take part into an active, constructive and positive forum where everyone matters and no one gets left behind.

VolumeAs realistic as it gets: This is no joke but it will be extremely fun and interesting for learning new things. With a band in the studio we will be called to record and mix the song, live, and deliver the finished mix by end of the day.

This is a very important point of why this event is unique in its kind: it simulates real budget, timing and workflow situations in one of today's professional recording studio environments. We will need to use all the analog and digital equipment at our disposal to capture a killer sound, while discussing bleeding, instrument placement, amplifier choices, drum tuning and so on.

VolumeTake home the results: At the end of the session everyone will be able to take home the audio stems of the session. Why? Because in two months from the event, before summer starts, we will meet again to listen to everyone's mixes and discuss them, finding the best in each one and trying to incorporate the best of everyone. These events don't stop when the doors close!

You can bring your friends, too! However, please remember that each person has to sign up to the form below, individually.

We can help you with transportation and/or accommodation. Once you sign up for the event we will contact you privately and discuss all the details for accommodation and/or transportation.

3 reasons the Berlin Rec Meetup rocks

1. It allows for professionals in different areas of the same field to meet and build a stronger network
2. It creates an un-opinionated, unbiased environment that focuses on true expertise and experience
3. It makes it possible for anyone to show their talent, share knowledge and improve skills.

Location: Fuseroom Recording Studio, Berlin

Registration cost: 10€ per person

Registration ends: March 25th

Maximum number of participants: 15

Event held in: English

Drinks and snacks: included

Schedule of the Day:
14:00-14:30 — meet and greet
14:30-17:30 — recording and mixing decisions
17:30-18:00 — final mixing touches
18:00-19:00 — informal get together with food and drinks

March 25th, 2017