I think the place is great, the studio could be one of the best in Berlin, with such facilities.
Alexandre S.(Acoustic designer/Engineer)
First off, you have a really nice studio. Looks great!
Julian K.(Service Stage Manager)
Man this studio is just ridiculously amazing, I've been following for a while now and it's come along so well. Wish I could have helped put it together!
Andres A.(Guitarist)
Thank you so much for all the work you did for us, you've been fantastic! We will definitely come back to you again when we next need to work in Berlin: you've been incredible and I really appreciate all the effort you've put in!
Kate W.(Post-production Coordinator)
Maybe one day I'll get an opportunity to come see it in person haha, congratulations on all of your hard work guys! I can't wait to see what amazing recordings come out of this studio!
Andres A.(Guitarist)
Top notch stuff. Their control room is one of the most amazing I've ever seen (and heard), I gave them 4 songs I had mixed myself in another studio (I am a student at dBs Berlin) and they made them sound stellar. Obrigado!
Lorenzo M.(Producer)
The guys at Fuseroom are professional/communicative/friendly. I gained new insights into refining my sound and was impressed with the warm/analog feel and dynamics that were added to my composition..
Anthony V. (Client)
Everything was perfect, thank you so much. Your studio is amazing!
Luca P.(Grammy-nominated Producer/Engineer)
..I recommend business with them both for their professionalism & their timely delivery and look forward to working with them in the future on my music projects.
Anthony V. (Client)
Back from Detroit and I have to say the track went over great! The levels were spot on and it went perfect in the set. Alberto thank you again for getting it over to me in time for the show!
Michael "Tatem" S. (Detroit Techno Producer)
We've managed to download the files and it's all good. Thank you very much for the session. I should probably mention, David White who coordinated the session with you today is the Oscar-winner for sound design from Mad Max: Fury Road, he also would like to send his thanks.
Aura Green Ent.(International Film production company)
Brilliant! Just brilliant work, thank you for your time.
Mustapha D. (Consumer & Partner GTM Lead, Microsoft Corporation)
Thank you for the professionalism and the good mood!
Caroline D.B. (Singer/Songwriter)
Just listened and the vocals sound great! Your job's very well done, wonderful! Thank you!
Niclas J. (Faroe "Producer of the Year/Album of the Year" Winning Producer/Engineer)
I just listened to the record and it sounds f*ing killer. The sound itself screams for destruction and mayhem. You did an amazing job. Exactly the way we wanted it. Thanks again.
Daniel G.(Guitarist, Songwriter)
I finally had time to hear the song on every speaker I have found. And I can say, the master is amazing. I would like to thank you very much!!!
Richard T. (Berlin Techno Producer)
That is amazing. Best news. I'll be visiting.
Fab D.(Grammy-winning Producer/Engineer)
Can't stop listening to the masters…sound amazing! Fantastic job!
Sergejs V.(Artist, Producer)
ITB & OTB best of both worlds, the guys are masters!
Gianni "WoLF" L.(Engineer, Guitarist)
Thank you & Alberto for your support – we are really happy with the service provided!
Shaiza H. (Digital Director & Executive Coach @ Dentsu Aegis Network, Dubai)
Excellent studio for mixing and master, very personal follow-up with nice ideas and taste. By far my best sounding track.
Guilherme P. (Client)
I wanted you to know that we all love how it sounds!. For me it's the perfect result for this band, it's precisely what I wanted to do when we started 4 years ago. Massive shit, that's all :) "Congratulazioni per il suo eccellente lavoro, onorevole Alberto."
Quentin S. (Singer and Co-producer, Sway)
Big, big thanks. The studio sounds incredible and I met some really nice people.
Jim H.(Musician, Engineer, Gear Tech)
It was great meeting you! You have an amazing spot! Can't wait to work there in the future, with you...the recording sounded great!
Vanessa S.(Artist, Producer)
Thanks Alberto, it was a pleasure.. much love to you and your wife for making my recording experience easy on me. Take care,
Joe K. (Soulection Radio DJ/host)
I literally could not recommend Fuseroom more, I had such an amazing experience working with Alberto and Valeria! They were insanely helpful and extremely professional..
Wesley R. (Client)
Alberto, your services are invaluable for me as I value you as an engineer for our projects and a teacher of production.
Jon D.(Producer)
 ..I had a particular sound I really wanted, and despite my weak source material Alberto still made it happen. I couldn't be happier with the way my album turned out. Thank you guys!
Wesley R. (Client)