2015 - Berlin

Our plaquePlaying in the control roomMoving gear in the studio with a beautiful sunset

In 2014 our work with foreign companies, brands and clients had gone over 80% of the total yearly income. With a 20% being gathered by local events and bands, we started looking for a different, more international venue. After some thoughts (and flying around) we arrived in Berlin and were captured by the spirit of the people and the city. A young, vibrant atmosphere of new generations that were stripped from all the hyped expectations of the previous century and its overdriven positivism: Berlin is still rebuilding itself and healing from some of humanity's most wicked mistakes. You don't need a tour guide to feel how broken things have been in the past. This heritage and incredible mixture of different cultures from all over the world make Berlin the perfect place to continue with our contribution and the ideas we've had from the very beginning.

And so here we are..a story that has yet to be written.