2010 - Hills of Tuscany

One of the workshops held at the studioRecording electric guitarsMastering

After almost three years, the studio has been home for some independent bands and their albums have attracted the interest of independent labels. Word spreads quickly and more bands want to enter the studio and get that "something" that their fellow ones got. What was it exactly that you would get from that place? We've been asking that question a lot in the past years and we are still very happy to say we do not know the answer: it wasn't the acoustics, the gear, the location, the coffee or anything a marketing strategist would be able to pinpoint from a spreadsheet. We know every project was followed passionately and with care. We were going way over the proverbial extra mile and we were compromising our revenues if it meant to improve the quality of a final result. Most importantly: we made everyone feel better about his own project.

On this same basis and after selling our home in Florence, we decided to move the studio to the Tuscan countryside, between the cities of Florence and Arezzo. This time we rebuilt the studio by treasuring and empowering all the atypical elements of an old Tuscan house: the thick stonewalls, the wooden ceilings, the cotto flooring and many other elements that gave the studio a unique vibe and feel. With a live room at the ground floor and the control room directly above it, we built a place that could record bands and still cover mixing tasks.

These years are marked by giant leaps in our career, knowing more and more brands and getting to work with some of the most talented engineers in the world. Despite the remote location, internet offered us the possibility to reach everyone, everywhere, every time. In the peaceful setting of the hills of Tuscany, we worked immersed in silence and nature while still taking our time to enjoy a hike on the hills.