2007 - Firenze

An eDrums session at the studio Alberto The view of the loft in one of the early stages

As with everything, our studio was born from an idea of owners Valeria Ancillotti and Alberto Rizzo Schettino. Coming back from Los Angeles to Florence, Italy, they noticed a huge discrepancy between the requests and demand from young musicians, producers and sound engineers and the type of service and offer provided by music schools all over Italy: most young people craved a more international, open, hands-on and intense approach to being in a studio, learning to play a musical instrument, songwriting and working with music in general. On top of that, the common place in Italian culture of older generations not considering "music" a serious job contributed to a stagnant way of sharing knowledge and having initiative to do anything in the music business.

It is for this reason that Alberto and Valeria decide to open their own place and so Fuseroom Studio is born. On January 11th, 2007 the studio opens its doors to the public. Young musicians and music students, producers, sound engineers and songwriters are attracted by that different feel and vibe they get from what they were expecting. The studio focuses most of its time to music education: piano and keyboards, DAW softwares, songwriting and arranging. After some months the world wide web helps spread the word and new students and clients call from different parts of Italy, from the cities of La Spezia and Milan all the way down to Bari and Catania.

With some refreshing and positive surprise, Fuseroom Studio is staying on its feet and is able to pay its dues exclusively with revenues of its own musical activities.