2007 - Firenze

An eDrums session at the studioAlbertoThe view of the loft in one of the early stages

As with everything, our studio was born from an idea of owners Valeria Ancillotti and Alberto Rizzo Schettino. Coming back from Los Angeles to Florence, Italy, they noticed a huge discrepancy between the requests and demand from young musicians, producers and sound engineers and the type of service and offer provided by music schools all over Italy: most young people craved a more international, open, hands-on and intense approach to being in a studio, learning to play a musical instrument, songwriting and working with music in general. On top of that, the common place in Italian culture of older generations not considering "music" a serious job contributed to a stagnant way of sharing knowledge and having initiative to do anything in the music business.

It is for this reason that Alberto and Valeria decide to open their own place and so Fuseroom Studio is born. On January 11th, 2007 the studio opens its doors to the public. Young musicians and music students, producers, sound engineers and songwriters are attracted by that different feel and vibe they get from what they were expecting. The studio focuses most of its time to music education: piano and keyboards, DAW softwares, songwriting and arranging. After some months the world wide web helps spread the word and new students and clients call from different parts of Italy, from the cities of La Spezia and Milan all the way down to Bari and Catania.

With some refreshing and positive surprise, Fuseroom Studio is staying on its feet and is able to pay its dues exclusively with revenues of its own musical activities.

2010 - Hills of Tuscany

One of the workshops held at the studioRecording electric guitarsMastering

After almost three years, the studio has been home for some independent bands and their albums have attracted the interest of independent labels. Word spreads quickly and more bands want to enter the studio and get that "something" that their fellow ones got. What was it exactly that you would get from that place? We've been asking that question a lot in the past years and we are still very happy to say we do not know the answer: it wasn't the acoustics, the gear, the location, the coffee or anything a marketing strategist would be able to pinpoint from a spreadsheet. We know every project was followed passionately and with care. We were going way over the proverbial extra mile and we were compromising our revenues if it meant to improve the quality of a final result. Most importantly: we made everyone feel better about his own project.

On this same basis and after selling our home in Florence, we decided to move the studio to the Tuscan countryside, between the cities of Florence and Arezzo. This time we rebuilt the studio by treasuring and empowering all the atypical elements of an old Tuscan house: the thick stonewalls, the wooden ceilings, the cotto flooring and many other elements that gave the studio a unique vibe and feel. With a live room at the ground floor and the control room directly above it, we built a place that could record bands and still cover mixing tasks.

These years are marked by giant leaps in our career, knowing more and more brands and getting to work with some of the most talented engineers in the world. Despite the remote location, internet offered us the possibility to reach everyone, everywhere, every time. In the peaceful setting of the hills of Tuscany, we worked immersed in silence and nature while still taking our time to enjoy a hike on the hills.

2015 - Berlin

Our plaquePlaying in the control roomMoving gear in the studio with a beautiful sunset

In 2014 our work with foreign companies, brands and clients had gone over 80% of the total yearly income. With a 20% being gathered by local events and bands, we started looking for a different, more international venue. After some thoughts (and flying around) we arrived in Berlin and were captured by the spirit of the people and the city. A young, vibrant atmosphere of new generations that were stripped from all the hyped expectations of the previous century and its overdriven positivism: Berlin is still rebuilding itself and healing from some of humanity's most wicked mistakes. You don't need a tour guide to feel how broken things have been in the past. This heritage and incredible mixture of different cultures from all over the world make Berlin the perfect place to continue with our contribution and the ideas we've had from the very beginning.

And so here we are..a story that has yet to be written.